Dance Poles

There are three brands of dance poles that I know and trust. You’ll find them all listed here, along with any recommendations I have. You can get them at the same price (or sometimes slightly cheaper) through me as you can through the manufacturer’s website. I do get a small commission when you buy from my links but I only promote brands that I think have integrity…  and wouldn’t you like to help out a fellow dancer??? ;)

Please let me know if you have any questions or need help picking out a pole!!!!


This one of the most popular brands currently out there.

Current XPole Discount:   FREE SHIPPING through 12/21/12!  (a $40 value)

(Offer good within the continental US)  Contact me for details…

Lil’ Mynx

My favorite pole is their powder-coated Rotator… I love it!  I also have the stainless steel Pro Pole.

Platinum Stages

I have one of the Platinum Stages with black lights under it (one of the more permanent stages).  It’s great quality stuff!  Can’t wait to try one of their more portable free standing poles!

*Stay tuned for a direct link to their site*