About Me

Why are About Me pages so hard to write???  I think I have written 20 versions of this page, and none of them made it to finally be published.  My story is not cut and dry.  I’ve noticed that I tell my story in different ways and emphasize different parts depending on my mood.  What it comes down to in the end is that it’s just a story… my perception of how I choose to see my past expeiences.  So today we’ll do the short and sweet version:

I’ve always loved dancing and helping people (not neccessarily in that order).  Although I’m a classically trained dancer, life got in the way and I forgot to care about the things I love the most.  Face Pic

Once I found pole dancing, my passion for creative dancing was ignited again.  Through pole dancing, I learned to love myself both inside and out.  I learned that it’s okay for my emotions to flow and bend and sway.  I learned to accept and even appreciate the parts of my body I considered flawed.   I learned that it’s okay to make mistakes, and that most mistakes aren’t really mistakes anyway.  I learned that a woman’s true strength lies in the expression of her femininity.

Now I spend my life blending my two passions… pole dancing and helping people.  I help women increase their self-confidence and learn to love themselves through pole dancing.  I help lead them down the same wondrous path I traveled, while encouraging their own unique experience of it.  After all, it’s your story.

I currently reside in Dayton, Ohio with my two black pugs and several dance poles.  :)