Year End Release Dance

by Kelly on December 31, 2009

minatoAs 2009 comes to close, I want to share with you a tradition that I started once I got my first dance pole.  The coming new year signifies a fresh start.  And what a great time to get rid of all the … well… crap (for lack of a better word) from the year that is ending.

I engage in what I call a “Year End Release Dance”.  During my pole dancing practice, I do a dance (or sometimes several) to “dance out” all the stuff that was unpleasant for me during the year.  I dance for the heartbreaks and disappointments. I dance for the fear, anger, and self-doubt.  I dance for the mistakes, for the times the tears flowed and the times I made myself look like an ass.  I dance for all of it.  I dance it as a Thank You and a Goodbye.

I have written before about clearing through movement.  I look at this last pole session of the year as a final clearing, getting rid of any stuck, stagnant energy and preparing me as a clean slate for the new year coming.

I hope you join me in this tradition.

Together, maybe we can dance out the sorrows of the world!

 Do you have any New Year’s traditions you’d like to share?  I enjoy connecting with you so please leave a comment below!

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