Burning Bowl Ceremony

by Kelly on December 31, 2009

I want to share another tradition that is very important to me as the new year is approaching.  It is another cleansing process called the Burning Bowl Ceremony.  Don’t worry… if the “burning” part of it sounds too complicated or intense, you can do a modified version that is just as powerful and healing.


The Process

To perform this ceremony, you’ll need two pieces of paper (one to represent the year that is coming to a close and one to represent the new year).  On the first sheet of paper, write down all the things from the past year that you are ready to release… those things that have been a burden, the things that have been draining your energy, and the things that just down right felt yucky.  Next, say some sort of a release prayer about these things.  I like to thank them for serving me (even if I can’t see how at the moment) and then release them to the Universe.

photo by athena.On the second sheet of paper, write down all the things you’d like the new year to bring into your life.  It’s kind of a “wish list” of sorts.  Be careful not to monitor yourself on this one… really listen to your heart’s desires.  You can write anything down that feels right for you – material things, abstract things, qualities, relationships, you name it!  Say some sort of blessing over this sheet of paper, knowing with a spirit of enthusiasm and expectancy that the Universe will bring these things your way.

Here is where the burning bowl part comes in.  If you have a safe, fireproof bowl, you can burn the first list in a ceremonial way.  If you would prefer to do the modified version, you can tear the list up into teeny tiny pieces and throw it away.  Which ever way you choose, be sure to do it with ceremonial intention and imagine the things on the list transforming into light and love. 

Take the other piece of paper and put it somewhere safe.  Then forget about it.  Trust that the Universe is taking care of it.  Sometime later in the year, take it out and read it over.  That’s the fun part!

The Universe abhors a vacuum.  Once you’ve take the time to clear out the old gunk, new stuff HAS to come rushing in to fill that empty space (which is the purpose of the second sheet of paper).  So take the time today to set your new year how you want it to be.

If you would like to read more about another person’s personal experience with this powerful ceremony, then be sure to read this Burning Bowl Ceremony article.

Let’s release the old and allow the new, all with a spirit of gratitude…

Happy New Year!!!  :D

What kind of things are you releasing?  What are you requesting from the new year?  I’d love to hear what’s important to you!

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