Pole Dancing Lessons – Which is right for you? Part 2

by Kelly on December 30, 2009

Welcome back!  In Part 1, we discussed the different places where you could learn in a studio type setting.  Perhaps you are a homebody who has to be pulled out of the house kicking and screaming.  Perhaps you are embarrassed to try pole dancing around other people.  Perhaps you are more of a “do it yourself” kind of person. If this sounds like you, don’t despair!  There are several very good options that allow you to learn to pole dance in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

In-Home Classes

homepole2Some instructors offer classes where they come to your home to teach you.  These lessons can be private or semi-private, depending on your personal preference.  Because they usually cost more than studio classes,  it’s not unusual for a small group of friends to go in together to split the cost of the lessons.  Be sure to ask the instructor about her pole policy…  some will require that you have your own pole and others will be able to bring a portable pole to your house.

While the price may be higher, in-home lessons offer some huge benefits.  The obvious one is that you don’t have to leave your house.  This is  the perfect option for someone who is apprehensive about learning with strangers because you get the hands-on instruction without the group setting.  Also, the instructor can taylor the classes to your specific needs and you can schedule the lessons as frequently as your little heart desires.


Although this really isn’t 100% self-instruction, I couldn’t think of a better label for being self-taught through DVDs and online lessons.  I am excited to say that there are SO many more choices out there than there were just a few years ago, and they all have their own unique flavor.  There are a couple ways you can get the information to teach yourself… you can purchase a physical DVD or buy online lessons from a website.  If you decide to purchase online lessons, some sites have you download the video once and then it’s yours to keep while others require a monthly membership fee.

If you decide to go this route, you will need to buy a dance pole to install in your house  (don’t worry… they make several quality removable ones).  After the initial investment in the pole, the lessons are very affordable and you can learn at your own pace.  BUT… you have to be motivated and disciplined to learn this way.  Sometimes it helps to have a girlfriend to practice with.  Just be sure that  your pole dancing DVDs don’t end up in the graveyard with the other unused exercise video stash we all secretly have!


 Where you live will make the biggest difference in which of these options are available to you.  In some places, pole students take studio classes and supplement them by practicing at home.  In other areas, self-instruction may be your only choice but don’t let that stop you!  I have yet to meet someone who thought pole dancing looked like fun, but then didn’t like it once they tried it.  Whether it’s with friends, strangers, or by yourself, get out there and start poling!  :D

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