Atmosphere Is Everything

by Kelly on December 16, 2009


Okay, maybe it isn’t everything but it certainly can be important when it comes to your pole dancing.  Having the room set up in a way that feels good to you can enhance your dancing and make your poling much more fun.  Now I’m not talking about strip clubs here.  I am talking about dancing at home.  If you dance at a studio, you don’t have much control over the decor but if you dance at home, your poling room should be a place where transformation happens.

I have to admit, I like the club feel for my dance space.  I usually dance at night or in a dimly lit room.  I enjoy having multi-colored lights swirling around me and a black light if I feel like being glowy.  Something about the darkness and dancing lights helps me forget about all my worries and be more present in my body. 

Sometimes I also like to dance by candlelight, depending on my mood and the music.  When several candles are placed strategically around the room, the flickering of them can take me into that warm, lovely trance state (not to mention the scent of them -girly candles, of course).  It truly is a place where I can get out of my chattering head and sink into my senses.

I know some women like to have their dance space feel more like a gym.  They don’t mind working out with their pole in the bright daylight and feel more comfortable in a bare bones, stripped down room.  That’s okay too… it’s all about what feel good and works best for you.

Is your pole room what you want it to be?  Does it need some sprucing up and some of your unique flair?  Take some time this week to make it the perfect haven for you.  If you don’t have a pole room yet, let your imagination run wild with what your perfect room would be like and you will have taken the first step to manifesting it.  Who knows… maybe some of those Christmas lights with find a new home in your pole room after the holidays!  :D

How do you decorate your pole dancing sanctuary?  Do you have any cool ideas you’d like to share?  Please leave them in the comments section!

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SugarRell January 21, 2010 at 12:27 pm

So on point ! I have been wanting a dance room for some time now and yesterday I finally got it together . I put up my pole , curtains in burgandy and black (colors that make me feel sexy , sensual and romantic ) , faux flowers (roses ) and plants around the room to make it feel like a romantic spot for two . I set up a small table for 2 in a corner and topped it w/ 2 champaine glasses , roses and a scented candle . In another corner I set up a corner , 4 tiered shelf and placed my stillettos , work out dvd’s and a dance trophey i recieved when I graduated from Swing class ! An occomplishment I am very proud of . Everytime I walk in my Dance room it makes me feel good and motivated to work out weather I’m doing pole wk , bellydance , sit ups , crunches , or lifting hand weights to tone my arms . This room helps me feel special , beautiful and sensual . I look forward to comming home and working out now . I still want to add a few more touches but for now i still think it’s great !


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