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by Kelly on December 14, 2009

WARNING:  DO NOT read on if you want to no-excuses-480continue feeling “not good enough”.

If you are reading this, I’m assuming you have an interest in pole dancing.  If you have been poking around awhile and have not yet taken action on your urge to start pole dancing, what’s your excuse?

See if any of these sound like you…

  • I’m too fat.  – Nonsense!  Pole dancing is something that every woman can enjoy.  If you buy a quality dance pole (or take classes), the weight limit is higher than you would probably think.  Even if you are too heavy to do spins and climbs on the pole, you can still learn killer dances by dancing around and with the pole.  If you have a few pounds to lose, that is the perfect reason to start pole dancing!  Before you know it, the weight will start dropping and you will be flying around the pole.  (And if you are self conscious about cellulite, read this.)


  • I’m too skinny. – Every woman’s body has pluses and minuses.  The goal of pole dancing is to focus on the positive aspects of you.  In fact, pole dancing will help you build muscle without getting bulky. 


  • I’m too old. – No such thing.  A lot of pole moves can be modified if you need them to be.  You don’t have to flip upside down and do strenuous moves to enjoy pole dancing.  In fact, pole dancing is a great way to get moving, raise your heart rate, build your lean muscle, and fight osteoporosis.


  • I’m too uncoordinated. – The point of pole dancing is to have fun!  No one is too uncoordinated.  Every dancer had to start at the beginning and learn new moves.  Coordination is something that can be developed through practice.  There is no right or wrong… everyone has different styles.  Besides, you are only dancing for yourself… no one ever has to see you dance.  Being in your own skin and the wonderful feeling of your body moving is what we are shooting for here.

I’m too short.  I’m too tall.  I’m not the right color or nationality.  My hair’s too short, curly, or straight.    I’m afraid people will judge me.  I’m afraid I’ll judge myself.

None of these are good reasons.  Push through them and find out if the fun everyone else is talking about would be fun for you too.  There is a place for every woman on the pole, including you!  These are all just excuses… reasons you give yourself to not follow your heart’s desires. 

What has been holding you back?  Do you have an excuse that’s stopping you?  Please leave a comment… I’d love to talk you out of it!  ;)

(Disclaimer: As with any exercise program, please check with a doctor before beginning.)

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sharkcrow December 23, 2009 at 12:23 am

Ahhh I love this post!! So many people do the ‘I’m too big to pole dance’ thing and it bugs me! I’m not skinny by any means, and I’m one of the most uncoordinated people out there – but I pole dance, and I’m getting good at it!

You build strength, coordination isn’t that important, learn some awesome tricks and have a fantastic time! It’s for all body shapes – if you’re in a class people are too busy worrying about themselves and how they’re going to get into those contorted/tricky positions, to look at your cellulite / belly / etc.

I never thought I’d feel so comfortable in hotpants :)


Elaine November 12, 2011 at 11:31 pm

Pole dancing is something i’d love to be able to do, but I really am too big, I weigh just over 21 stones and have a really big belly…very embarrassed about my body


Susan July 28, 2012 at 9:16 pm

I did my first beginner pole class. Loved it. Then stayed for core training (which was not that hard. Suddenly I felt -thank God this happened at the end of 2 class- like I was full of gas. That if I did one more move I was going to be forever humilIated! Is there such thing as breathing in TOO MUCH? I really want to get into this and have my best body in 2 years -at 50! Maybe I should not have coffee or anything to eat before classes. Thanks for your time. Sincerely eager to not be mortified , only HOT ;)


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