What Is Your Pole Dancing "Style"?

by Kelly on December 13, 2009

A friend and colleague of mine wrote an article entitled “Is Pole Dancing for me?”.  Until she met me, she had never considered that pole dancing might be something she could do.  I think like most people, she had assumed that pole dancing was reserved for strippers and acrobats graced with coordination.  Not so.  There are all different ways to approach pole dancing so that women can stay in their comfort zones.

Photo by Jim O'Connell

Photo by Jim O'Connell

The article mentions the aspects of poling for fitness, sensuality, and/or art.  Now I’m not one of those girls who’s really into working out.  Sure, I like the way I feel after a workout but I dread going to the gym.  Dumb bells and elliptical machines bore me.  For me, the exercise aspect of pole dancing is just a happy bonus.  I like the idea that some fitness benefits are cleverly hidden under something I consider fun and emotionally cleansing.

Since I primarily dance to express myself, I consider my pole dancing to be art (with a sprinkle or two of sensuality in it).  Dancing on and around a pole can be range anywhere from G rated to down right X rated.  On a spiciness scale from 1 to 10, my dancing usually falls somewhere in the middle (maybe somewhere in the 5 – 7 range).  Some women prefer to keep their dancing at the lower end of the scale.  Regardless of how and why you dance, the most important thing is having fun and being true to your own unique style!

So what is your dancing style?  Where does your pole dancing  fall on the “spiciness” scale? 

Don’t worry… even if you don’t pole dance yet, you can still play along!  Just let me know how you think you would dance…

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Kat December 13, 2009 at 6:25 am

I haven’t done it yet, but I am looking forward to it with great excitement and anticipation. The workout aspect of it appeals to me and I have never met a woman who didn’t have a little DIVA somewhere inside that wants to get out.
But what really caught my attention was the spiritual aspect of it.
Because I already know that the first attempts will bring up a certain self consiousness…it is an opportunity to work through that and capture a moment of pure being.
Dancing and singing are two wonderful ways to experience the true difference you feel inside when you go from trying to ….to doing it.


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