Clearing Through Movement

by Kelly on December 13, 2009

Many pole dancers have had the experience of “dancing it out”.  When you are in a funk, feeling blue, or are angry at the world, the pole can be your best friend and confidant.  The movement can be an emotional release and a way to clear what is stuck within you.

In the personal growth world, there has been a lot of talk about clearing.  The gurus speak of mental, emotional, and spiritual clearing.  They teach the Emotional Freedom Technique and Ho’oponopono (both of which I love).  They teach meditation and getting in touch with your feelings.  What most of them forget to tell you is that there is also great value in physical clearing.

I strongly believe that our minds and bodies are connected.  Physical movement can be a great way to release stuck emotional energy and often takes place on level that can’t be reached through thought alone.  Nearly any activity that gets you moving and breathing can be helpful.  It is important to recognize what you are feeling first, and then set an intention to release it before you begin your physical activity.  Then get moving!  Go for a jog, beat your bed with a baseball bat, scream, or dance…

So tonight I was met with situation that was not my preference.  I used the tools in my mental, emotional, and spiritual “toolbox” but I still felt yucky.  Once I got home, I “danced it out”.  It only took a couple songs with the pole and I was magically feeling better.  Suddenly, my spirit had lifted, I had a better outlook about the situation, and I could support those around me by remaining positive.

Do you ever “dance it out”?  What other forms of movement do you use to clear those stuck energies?  I’d love to hear from you!

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Andy Dolph December 20, 2009 at 7:31 pm

Kelly – you’re so right about needing physical cleansing and release!
Candice Pert in her book Molecules of Emotion talks about how she believes that she has found significant evidence that we literally store emotions chemically in our bodies.

Of course bodyworkers have know that for a long time – Dr John Upledger (founder of Craniosacral Therapy) calls this Somatoemotional Release, and it’s an important part of the Crainosacral curriculum now. He describes in is books experiences where he needs to get a patient in to a specific physical position, and when he does a very powerful emotional release takes place that was only possible because the body was in the right position to let go of whatever was stuck. These releases are often accompanied by very powerful healing of problems that otherwise wouldn’t move.

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