Challenge – A Dance That's "Not Tricky"

by Kelly on January 6, 2010

Photo by Amber Rhea

I have a challenge for you today.  During your next pole session, devote a whole song (or maybe several) to dancing with and around the pole.  Notice that I did not include dancing ON the pole!   The challenge here is dance without using spins, inverts, and all the fun tricks that you may be used to doing.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the tricks that we lose ourselves and forget to dance.  And if this sounds boring to you, that’s all the more reason you should do it!  The point here is to connect with yourself, your body, and the music.  During this exercise, you don’t have to worry about what crazy moves you can or can’t do, you don’t have to worry about strength or proper form… all you have to worry about is feeling the music and letting your body move to it.

Here are the rules for this challenge:

1.  At least some part of your body must be touching the floor at all times

2.  You can use the pole as a prop

3.  Floor work is acceptable and encouraged

4.  Enjoy yourself!

You can dance it however you want… sexy, sad, angry, joyously.  Of course, sexy is always my personal favorite because I don’t think women give themselves permission to feel this way often enough.  Even when we do, it is often to impress someone else instead of to feel our inherent sensuality for ourselves.

So you have your assignment, now get to it!  ;)

What was this challenge like for you?  Do you dance like this regularly or was this way of doing it new for you?  I always appreciate comments and links to videos of you dancing!

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SugarRell January 18, 2010 at 9:59 pm

I came across your website some how through Face Book , lol . I have saved it to my Fav’s because you have some really interesting info on pole dancing at it’s best and wordt , lol . I’m heading to the grocery store tommorow for pineapples , putting my 50mm x-pole together in the morning and my first practice will be to dance around the pole and not on it ! especially since this is my first time !
Thanks for creating such a playful and informative pole site ! …


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