Buying the Perfect Dance Pole – The Basics (Part 1 of 8)

by Kelly on January 4, 2010

Buying your own pole is one of the biggest pole dancing decisions you’ll ever have to make.  Luckily, there are quite a few reputable brands to choose from but they all have subtle differences.  Trying to figure out which one to invest your money in can be a complicated task requiring lots of research and comparing minute details.  But don’t worry… I have done all of the leg work for you!

In this 8 part series, I will go over the things you need to take into consideration before choosing a pole and then give a detailed break down of three brands of dance poles that I trust.  I want to clarify one thing though… there really is no such thing as “the perfect pole”.  Each pole has its pros and cons, so this process is about deciding what kind of things are important to you in a pole.  It is about finding “the perfect pole for YOU“.

The first thing to consider is where you’d like to set up your dance pole.  All the poles poleroomI suggest are removable (although they make permanent ones as well), so you don’t have to have a special exercise room for it.  You can put it up the middle of your living room, kitchen, or bedroom and take it down as needed to conserve space or when company is coming.  ;)   You’ll need ample room around your pole to dance, usually about 5 or 6 feet of clear space in all directions.  Of course when you are dancing, more space is always better!  Once you decide where your pole will live, please take note of the following important information:

  • the ceiling height
  • what your ceiling is made of
  • if you ceiling is flat or slanted (vaulted)
  • if the area is carpeted

One important note… when it comes to investing in a pole, please remember that you get what you pay for.  There are some poles out there on the market that I consider “toy poles”.  These inexpensive poles are not safe for anything more than posing around them and looking cute.  Please DO NOT buy a pole that costs around $100 or $150!  Not only will you be wasting your money, but it could also be very dangerous.  I know from many horror stories and personal experience that these poles can come down in the middle of a spin, snap in half because of the flimsy metal, or cut you where the joints aren’t smooth.

There’s nothing worse than being scared of your pole after it has dislodged on you.  You can alleviate that worry by purchasing a high quality pole and installing it properly.  Trust me… you’ll have so much fun with your new pole that it’ll be worth the extra money to feel secure, not to mention how much  longer it will last.  Don’t skimp… you (and your safety) are worth the good stuff!  ;)

“Dance, even if you have nowhere to do it but your living room.”  ~Kurt Vonnegut

Comments?  Experiences to share?  Please leave them below!

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jordan leigh remington April 15, 2010 at 9:34 pm


im a new pole dancer and im now ready to invest in an at home studio, and im wondering what type of pole you use, i want atleast a 8 3/4s tall pole that spins, or could even be a spinning/static pole that can be removed, but i have NO idea of where to get one from, i was that poor victim of buying a carmen electra pole…. HORRIBLE UGHHHH i went to do an invert and the thing snapped… piece of junk…. i almost broke my dang neck!!! but if you could please help me then i would be forever greatful… youll be saving me from a broken neck ;) LOL, what do you think about THESE poles????


Kelly April 16, 2010 at 3:12 pm

Hi Jordan!

Sorry to hear about your Carmen Electra experience! :( I bought one myself as an “extra” pole and after it dislodged on me a couple times, I was pole shy even on my good one. That thing went in the trash… my conscious wouldn’t let me resell it.

My personal favorite and the one I use most often is a Lil Mynx powder-coated “Rotor” pole. It has both spinning and static options and comes ready to adjust from 8-10 feet out of the box. Only 8 feet of the pole is workable though… the other 2 feet is an extender sections that can’t be danced on (don’t know if that matters to you). It takes one screw in the ceiling that is disguised as a plant hook and can be removed and put up again in a matter of seconds. The powder-coating has some decent grip to it which helps when you are on spinning mode. Plus, it only costs $249. :)

Brands I personally trust are Lil Mynx, Xpole, and Platinum Stages. Xpoles are very popular in some groups and they are great poles. Personally, I don’t like how long they take to put up and take down. I have heard some good things about Hardcore poles too although I haven’t used them. The bottom line is… all brands are little different and have their pros and cons. It depends a lot on when and where you’ll be using it and what kind of features work best for you.

If you buy from any of the links on my Poles page (assuming you don’t already have another cookie on your computer), I get a bit of a commission. So of course, it would make me super happy if you chose to buy through me! ;) They are the same price (or less) from me as they are from the manufacturer. In fact, I can discount the shipping on an Xpole for you if you decide to go with that one.

If you have more questions or would like to discuss the features and your needs in more detail, feel free to email me using the contact form. I’d love to help you find your perfect pole! Happy poling!
Kelly :)


jordan leigh remington April 17, 2010 at 12:59 pm

okay awesome!!! thanks so much, yeah im loving the powder coated lil mynx, but my pockets arent full of cash so i’d probably have to stick with the xpole, i like the xpert 50 mm set in chrome… ive been learning on spinning poles so i suck at static, lol, plus i just love to spin!!!!! i find pole dancing to be the perfect way to relieve my stress and boost my self esteem, i think all women should do something similar to this to keep the confidence up!

but thanks again kelly, and well keep in touch about the poles!


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