How to Dance on a Spinning Pole

by Kelly on April 30, 2011

*Thank you to one of my readers for coming up with this fabulous idea for a post!*

When most people learn to pole dance, they start out on a stationary pole.  Transitioning to a spinning pole can make you feel a like a newbie all over again but with a couple quick tips, you’ll get the hang of it in no time!

  • You’ll need less momentum than on a static pole.

If you are used to dancing on a stationary pole, you’ll want to watch the amount of “push off” or swinging of the outside leg that moves you around the pole.  A spinning pole needs less and if you aren’t careful, you’ll end up looking like a cartoon character hanging onto the pole for dear life so that it doesn’t fling you across the room.

Also, be aware that different poles have different amount of tension in the spin.  Some spin more easily than others.  Once you get used yours, you’ll look back and wonder why it ever seemed so hard to get the right amount of spin in the first place.

  • Know where your brakes are.

When you are on a spinning pole, your pieces and parts (meaning your arms, legs, and torso) are what control your speed once you have mounted the pole.  The closer you are tucked into the pole, the faster you will spin.  If you want to slow down, kick out your legs and lean away from the pole.  Play with doing a few times… it’s fun!

  • Stop the dizzies.

OK… maybe you can’t stop them totally, but you CAN help them.  Some people say that if you look at the pole while you are spinning, it helps.  I never notice being dizzy until I come out of a spin.  I have a great trick for that one… you just do a sexy pose or a slow sensual move until the room stops spinning.  Seriously, it’s one of the best things anyone ever taught me and it looks good too!

Do you have tips or tricks to share?  I’d love to hear them!


I’ve been putting off writing about this subject because there is no a cut and dry answer.  (It is driving the perfectionist in me NUTZ!) :)   Although I am going to give you a general rule of thumb, your grip, your body chemistry, and the way you dance will all affect which finish you prefer on your dance pole. So be warned… what I say here is a combination of research I have done and personal experience. Your results may vary. :)

In a perfect world, you could just skip on down to the local pole store and the would have out samples of all the different poles with their respective finishes. Most of us aren’t lucky enough to be able to buy poles locally (yet), and if we can, they certainly don’t have samples up for you to take a spin on. Until I rule the world and can make new rules, you’ll just have to make your best guess on which kind of metal or finish will be best for you. Luckily, I have done a lot of research for you!

Here is how the finishes seem to rank in order from slipperiest to grippiest:

  • Stainless Steel - This is the slipperiest type of metal and is often used on the less expensive, lesser quality poles.  There is a standing joke with dancers:  If you learn to dance on this, you can dance on anything!
  • Chrome – This is what most X-Pole owners have.  It has less grip when it is cold and it gets grippier as it gets warmed up with your body heat.  This kind is especially good if you are dancing on static/stationary mode.
  • Powder Coated – This one seems to have a nice medium amount of grip.  It’s not super tacky…  you can still do tricks on static mode yet you can stay on the pole long enough to dance on spinning mode.
  • Titanium Gold – I haven’t personally tried this type yet.  It is supposed to be pretty grippy, but less so than brass.  If you primarily dance on spin mode or want to be able to stay up on the pole longer, this might be a good option for you.
  • Brass – This one is the grippiest they come.  Static mode may hurt your hands on this one, so it is probably best used as a spinning pole.

Also, keep in mind that most pole manufacturers do not carry all the finishes.  It might be advisable to decide which pole manufacturer and dance pole best fit your needs first.  Then select from the pole finishes they have to offer.  Most companies offer two or more choices for the pole finishing, so you’ll still  have plenty of options!

What’s your opinion?  Any advice, words of wisdom, or questions you’d like to share on this slippery subject???  (Bad pun… I know!)

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